Surflessons for beginners and intermediate surfer

Against the stunningly beautiful backdrop of the Atlantic coast near Bilbao in northern Spain, we offer courses in English for beginners and intermediate surfers. On average, you spend about three hours per day in the surf class.

Your enjoyment and safety are our priorities. Our instructors are highly qualified, registered with the Basque Country Surf Federation (EHSF) and are trained life guards. Classes are kept to a limit of 6 students per instructor.

Surflesson for beginner:

Classes include theoretical knowledge as well as practical surfing. No previous surfing experience is necessary, and we provide all the equipment you will need.

Surf Course Objectives:

– Theoretical introduction to surfing: material, weather and waves, safety
– Physical preparation including warm-up and stretching exercises
– Practical use of surfboard, leash and neoprene
– Paddling and balance exercises in water
– Secure Take-Off
– Paddling a white (broken) and standing wave

The course duration and the start dates are flexible. We recommend a minimum of 4 days.

Surfkurs Bilbao Spanien
Surfschule Spanien

Intermediate and Improver’s course

This is the ideal course for people with some experience in surfing, or graduates of the beginner’s course. You need to be able to successfully surf a white wave for this course.

Surf Course Objectives:

– Further, theoretical introduction into surfing: Weather & waves, currents, safety in the line-up, wave characteristics, dealing with tides
– Efficient paddling technique and posture/position on the board
– Proper immersion of the shaft (Duck-Dive)
– How to read and paddle a green wave
– Surfing a green wave
– How to fall and crash

The course duration and the start date are flexible. We recommend a minimum of 4 days.

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