Terms & conditions

1. General information

The organiser wellentime – Groundswell Services S.L., further referred to as the organiser, offers arts and culture tours and surf courses in Spain. The exact program is explained in all detail on the internet homepage www.wellentime.com and is a binding offer in it’s modules to and for every client.

2. Tour contract

Reservations can be made in any hand written or electronic form. With the hand written or electronic confirmation from the organiser the final contract is complete and binding for both the organiser and client.

3. Performance of organiser

The offers and prices as described and listed on the homepage are binding. Should changes have to be made then these will be done in the best interest of the client regarding the prices and activities listed. Changes will in no case be done to the disadvantage of the client. The client will be notified in advance and will receive an equivalent offer.

The organiser provides all equipment necessary for the surf courses. The costs of usage are included in the listed prices for the tours and the surf courses. The participant guarantees to handle the borrowed equipment with care. In case of loss, carelessness or intentional damage the participant is personally liable and will be charged the price of value at the time of loss or destruction, or will be obliged to replace at equal value.

All transfers as well as the art and culture excursions will be done with the organisers company vehicles. They are part of the offer and all cost are included in the listed prices.

4. Liability / non-liability

The organiser will choose the surf-spots carefully according to the participant’s ability to reduce as far as possible any danger. But he is not liable for any physical injury, especially if the client chooses to ignore or disregard advice or instructions from the instructor. If any damage or injury is neither carelessly nor intentionally provoked by the organiser the liability sum is limited to three times the amount of the entire tour price. All claims must be filed within a month of the ending date of the tour as noted in the final contract.

5. Payment

The total sum of the booked tour must be paid at the latest three weeks prior to the starting date of the tour.

6. Cancellation of contract or naming of 3. person in contract

The participant can cancel the booked tour at any time without specifying the reason. Cancellations must be sent in by email or in written form.

The cancellation is valid the day of reciept. To simplify the accounting of the organiser’s expenses the following list applies:

– up to 25 days in advance of the starting date 50%

– up to 10 days in advance of the starting date 75%

– less than 10 days in advance of the starting date 100% of the entire price of the tour

Should the total price already have been paid before the applicable dead-line, the organiser will retransfer the total sum minus the cancellation fee (see list above) within 7 work days. Until the beginning of the tour the participant can name a substitute (3. person) to travel in his/her place. Neither extra charges nor transfer costs will be made by the organiser. In this case both the original participant as well as the substitute are joint and severally liable for the payment of the total sum.

Flights are subject to the according air-companies policy on general terms and conditions and have nothing to do with the organiser.

The organiser on his side can only cancel the contract under severe conditions. If, for example, the participant does not follow the monitor’s instructions and carelessly or intentionally violates security regulations, he/she will receive a warning and then be expelled from further participation. There will be no reimbursement of the sum paid for the activity. The other expenses (accommodation/transfer) will not be touched by this regulation.

7. Additional agreements

Short notice changes or alterations of the tour program can be made on oral request by the participant after consulting with the organiser and are valid without written confirmation. This is to ensure the character of an individual holiday. If certain conditions or modules of the contract become invalid this does not mean the entire tour contract is invalid.

8. Legal domicil

Lawsuits filed by the participant are subject to the court of Guernica, for the organiser it is the legal domicil of the registered residence of the participant as long as he/she is registered within the European Community. All other cases are subject to the court of Guernica.